Some people think writing is a universal skill … until they’ve taken a serious crack at it. Three trips to Starbucks and eight fragmented sentences later, writing doesn’t seem so simple. And as I like to obnoxiously point out, it won't write itself.

Regardless of the business you’re in, writing is a part of it. If you have a website, if you advertise, if you want to connect with people – words are at the core. A professional writer is a lover of language, a geek for grammar, and an all-around creative force who can bring all kinds of awesome to your project, brand, or company.

But I'm more than a writer and editor. I frequently work with clients who know they want "something" but aren't exactly sure what that is. I can work with you as a marketing and communications consultant, relying on my 12 years of experience to determine goals, develop communication strategies, craft key messages, and set creative plans in motion.

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